AITEMAY – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer (100ml,300ml,500ml), (3.52fl oz)

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75% Alcohol Liquid Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer
(100ml), (3.52oz)


sanitizerAre you obsessed with keeping your hands clean all the time, especially when the fatal pandemic is on the rise? Well, invest in Aitemay Hand Sanitizer and you will know you have hit the jackpot.

Make cleanliness your life style

With Aitemay Alcoholic hand sanitizer, you will not only make your life easier but you will also level up to a healthier life. Aitmey hand sanitizer has 75% alcohol that can sweep off all the bacteria that were ever present on your skin. No matter the size of the dirt, as soon as you apply it on your skin, your skin will get rid of it in no time. It is high time you switched to a skin-friendly sanitizer because not every cleaning substance does its job.

Super easy to use

Aitemay Sanitizer comes with a very easy nozzle on the top, tapping on which you can easily apply the right amount of solution on your hand. As it spreads across yourw skin, you will notice it making way into your skin to make it look more fresh and giving it a soothing effect. An even layer of Aitemay alcoholic hand sanitizer on your skin can do wonders.

Compliments the air

This product does not only do good for your skin but also is a present to the air that surrounds you. Aitemay hand sanitizer is the best sanitizer for air as it penetrates through it and gives it a healthy and magnificent smell.

Not only will you be satisfied that you used Aitemay sanitizer, you will automatically make a happy and welcoming gesture towards the people that surround you. So, what are your waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing product and keep your skin clean 24/7.

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100ml, 300ml, 500ml

1 review for AITEMAY – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer (100ml,300ml,500ml), (3.52fl oz)

  1. Edward Howell

    I got them within 3 business days. So the Delivery timing is way better than others.

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