DrQ – 75% Alcoholic Wet Wipe (50pcs)

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Product Name High Quality Disposable75% Wet Wipes For Skin Antiseptic Cleaning
Wipes Size 180*150mm,etc
Count 50pcs/bag or customized



wipesOnce you invest in these cleaning wipes, you will understand why DrQ Sanitizing wipes are the best thing to ever happen to you. You are just one tap away from making the best decision of your life.

Drying is not an option

For these Sanitizing wet wipes, drying is too far to be an option until you make it take a run at your skin. This means that these disinfecting wipes can be kept unused for a very long time without getting dried off owing to the reusable flap on the outside of the pack. Buy Sanitizing Wipes bulk because they can be stored for a long period without going dry. Shut it down as soon as you are done cleaning your wounds and you can retain the soft texture of DrQ Sanitizing Wet Wipes for the longest.

Travel has now been made easy

Minor wounds and injuries are common during travels and it can sometimes become too much of a hassle to carry huge first aid boxes where there’s a chance of the fluid bottles exploding and wrecking the entire bag. Therefore, we have made it easy for you by introducing sanitizing wipes travel size. These travel-friendly sanitizing wipes made in the USA can come to your rescue to be safe from potential infections during your journey.

One bag holds 50 of them!

Yes, you heard it right. This very tiny pack holds 50 sanitizing wipes for sale close together to retain their moisture for a long period. Its ultimate goal is to keep your skin soft and welcoming, safe from infections and work as an antiseptic to clean your wounds.  So, what are you waiting for? Invest in these high-quality disposable 75% sanitizing wipes bulk if you haven’t already!

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1 review for DrQ – 75% Alcoholic Wet Wipe (50pcs)

  1. Lenita Jones

    As advertised. 75% alcohol. Arrived faster than expected. Seller responsive to inquiries.


      Thank you for leaving us the feedback. Please know that we are continuously improving and would love to see you back

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