Wish Ultra – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer (1000ml), (33.8fl oz)

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75% Alcohol Liquid Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer
(1000 ML), (33.81fl oz)


sanitizerYour need for one of the most effective Wish Ultra Hand Sanitizer has now come to an end as we have brought to you the best of the best.

Fight the dirt around you

Keep your hand sanitized with our Wish Ultra Slim Hand Sanitizer and retain your health for the longest. It comes with 75% Alcohol liquid antibacterial substances that will eradicate every ounce of the existence of bacteria, allergens and viruses around you. The fusion of chemicals that Wish Ultra Sanitizer houses penetrates into your skin and detaches all the dirt hanging in there to keep you skin safe and healthy.

Recycle the packaging!

First off, this 1000ml bottle will last you for a very long time to keep you secure from all the harmful substances around you. Secondly, the packaging can easily come in handy to store dishwashing soaps, liquid substances and any fluid that needs a house. It is the easiest to use and prevents extra spill from the packaging because of its neat and refined periphery. So, do not forget to save the packaging after you are done using it.

The compelling odor awaits you

Not only will the Wish Ultra Hand sanitizer come in handy to retain your healthy self, it will also release an inviting odor to satisfy your relaxing needs. So, why not kill two birds with one stone when it is this easy? You are just one step away from owning our extremely viable Wish Ultra Hand Sanitizer.

  • Instant hand sanitizer
  • Contains 75% alcohol
  • Clean your hands, protect your family
  • Effective antibacterial 99.99%
  • Net content: 1000ml
  • Dosage form: Gel/Liquid
  • Main active ingredient and content: The active ingredient of this product is ethanol, and the ethanol content is 75% + 5% (V/V)

Wish Ultra hand sanitizers are equipped with essentials Vitamins and extra moisturizer that leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed with a light scent of freshness after each use. Shop Wish Ultra Hand Sanitizer Online in USA!

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1 review for Wish Ultra – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer (1000ml), (33.8fl oz)

  1. Mason Rock

    Wow I can’t believe they actually sent them. Purchased on July 27th and it arrived on august 1rd. I am very satisfied.

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