Yuame – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer (100ml,300ml,500ml), (3.52fl oz)

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75% Alcohol Liquid Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer
(100ml), (3.52oz)


sanitizerJust as the need for cleanliness rocketed, our aim to serve our customers reflected in our supply of Yuame hand sanitizer. If you are on the lookout for a smooth solution of a cleanliness device, you have reached the right spot!

75% Alcohol does all the job

This 300 ml bottle of Yuame sanitizer contains a considerable amount of alcohol that hardly any bacteria can fight. So, when any dirt tries to get on your nerves, use Yuame hand sanitizer to knock it off your skin and kill them all at once. For the sanitizer to work right away, it is ostensibly imperative that you apply it evenly on your skin. Make sure to not leave any spot untouched and you will witness the solution doing wonders.

Makes your skin soft and healthy

As a cleaning substance, Yuame sanitizer definitely does its job of fighting the bacteria, but what it additionally does is keep the skin smooth and clean after the application. As you press the nozzle to brush it on your skin, you will instantly feel a rush of coolness and smoothness that Yuame Sanitizer will leave on your skin.

Not only pocket friendly, but fits into your pocket as well

The price of Yuame hand sanitizer ranges from $2.90 to $145.00 according to its size and the amount of it you are ordering. The smallest one fits right into your pocket and can be easily carried anywhere with no worries of explosion owing to its tight and trustworthy packaging. So, wait no more and make a purchase right away!

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100ml, 300ml, 500ml

1 review for Yuame – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer (100ml,300ml,500ml), (3.52fl oz)

  1. Adriana Valle

    Very functional. Little bottles in the cars and around the house are better than one large bottle in one location.

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